Florence-Fisher Resource and Learning Center is a Christian relief and development organization dedicated to helping children and their communities reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty. Florence-Fisher Resource and Learning Center seeks to offer hope and demonstrate God's love and concern to these students through the support of adult and young adult tutors and mentors. Through providing children with caring adult volunteer tutors/mentors from the church, civic and corporate communities, students are better equipped to overcome academic and social obstacles which are inhibiting their opportunities for success. Florence-Fisher Resource and Learning Center volunteers give children an opportunity to keep up with their studies while empowering them with values and ideas they'll need to succeed. In the context of a supportive relationship, it often takes just two to four hours each week to bring out a positive change in self-esteem, attitude, and academic performance. Tutors provide academic help 1-2 times each week in an after-school program, helping build skills in specific subjects such as reading, writing, or math. Hope is the motivation that keeps us going--a belief in good things yet to come. Through the Florence-Fisher Resource and Learning Center, volunteers help kids face their current challenges, discover their talents, and look toward a brighter future. It is through these supportive relationship that kids are encouraged to reach toward their own dreams and goals.